Opening An eCommerce Store in 2021

eCommerce Merchants: A Formula For Success $$$$

With job security and financial independence on their minds, many people are looking at starting an eCommerce business in 2021. This is not surprising given that eCommerce is a trillion-dollar market that is growing exponentially with no end in sight.

However, many who are considering starting up their own online business operate under the mistaken impression that they need a large investment to get going. While having plenty of money at the start helps, many million dollar-plus eCommerce businesses started with next to nothing in terms of funds.

What follows is a four-step plan that will help you get started, find your path, and maximize your potential for running a successful eCommerce business by next year.

Choose the Right Niche

There is an old saying in sales, do not sell a product, find a product that sells. For you, this means …