As more and more businesses turn to digital solutions including operating online, IT support has become even more important. IT support is a field that entails the support of any kind of information technology within an organization. This includes the management of networks, hardware, software as well as maintaining processes that deal with data and information. IT support ascertains technical support to ensure the whole organization or business runs seamlessly.

The primary role of the IT support team is to maintain computer systems and networks across an organization, resolve technical issues, configure hardware and manage software installs.

Why Does Your Company Need IT Support?

Another key role for the IT support team is managing an organization’s security, ensuring the systems and data are protected from potential cyber threats. An IT specialist will be able to monitor and handle possible security threats by installing the latest and most effective security solutions, thus reducing the risk of computer systems, software, network and data being compromised.

Some of the aspects that IT support teams manage include:

  • Computer networks, wiring and cabling
  • Spam protection
  • Cyber security
  • Computer repair
  • Cloud computing and hosting
  • Server maintenance
  • Backups and disaster recovery
  • Business continuity
  • Technical help desk
  • Software maintenance like CRM software and Accounts
  • It Support overview

The Importance of Technical Support

Ensuring that your business runs in a smooth and seamless manner is a high priority. However, hardware and software issues like broken computers, installation errors, software problems and user issues are inevitable. That’s why the IT support team is also vital in managing your organization’s Help Desk. IT experts are able to log issues or problems (often called cases or tickets) to be fixed, ensuring the least possible downtime for your crucial operations. If you are looking for help desk software then see ‘help desk software UK‘.

It Security Support

Given the drastic shift into digital technology and solutions, security threats to organizations’ computer systems and networks have increased. An IT support team is vital in managing all elements of minimizing risks to your business. IT security protects your computer systems from damage or theft. These professionals are also tasked with looking after the following aspects:

  • Network security
  • Virus protection
  • Email encryption
  • Spam protection
  • Unified threat management
  • Content filtering

Cloud Computing Support

The innovation in internet technology and solutions has led to the wide adoption of cloud computing. This has resulted in IT support professionals tasked with an array of Cloud Computing aspects including:

  • File sharing and cloud backup
  • Cloud Hosted VOIP
  • Hosted serves and desktops
  • Office 365

Hardware Support

Typically, an IT support team is tasked with managing an array of equipment such as servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, printers, routers, scanners and monitors.

Software Support

Software is a vital aspect of running your company and the IT support team will be tasked with managing installs, upgrades, usability help, remote troubleshooting, resolving technical issues and fixing errors. A few of the software systems that call for IT support professionals include:

  • CRM systems
  • Accounting packages such as Sage
  • ERP systems
  • Data integration
  • Reporting tools
  • Service software
  • Communication software
  • Asset Management software

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Storing your files and data in a separate location from your main premises is vital in case those files are lost or corrupted. There are numerous reasons that can lead to file or data loss/damage including failed hard drives, power interruptions, security issues, and OS failures. Your IT support team will be tasked with data backup and disaster recovery through the restoration of those files.

And there you have it, aspects where a reputable team of IT support professionals are needed and why it is important.