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As a social society, we are created to always be side by side with other creatures, especially fellow humans to be able to communicate, interact, build and synergize.

In a workplace environment, of course, we need to establish a good relationship with everyone, both co-workers, superiors, and subordinates though. Creating a good relationship or relationship with employees or coworkers can not be easy. Of course in the company, there are one or two employees who have a negative attitude to their co-workers. Because that attitude sometimes affects the performance of a team or a company in general. It can even result in a breakup of a working relationship or resignation.

As an employee, you want to have a good relationship with all your coworkers. Because of this good relationship can provide comfort for you in working. Different if there are colleagues who become unhappy with your attitude, of course, it is very disturbing and affects your performance in the company.

Here are some tips for establishing a good working relationship with coworkers:

• Be friendly and always give a smile to co-workers

Spread a smile and make it a habit to be friendly to coworkers when meeting. Because simple greetings and greetings can add to your familiarity with coworkers.

If you put on a grim face or frown when meeting coworkers, it will cause discomfort to coworkers and the work atmosphere becomes uncomfortable as well.

• Indiscriminate respect

In every company, there are many employees with different backgrounds. When in work still respect the difference and do not make that difference to compartmentalize in terms of work.

For example, there is a new employee, still appreciates what he works for, even if something goes wrong there is no need to be satirized. Instead, you as a senior must help him to work well.

Because mutual respect is very important to create a good and harmonious relationship between employees.

Giving a Gift to a Co-worker

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